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Do You Have a "No Gift" Policy For Your Kid's Birthday?

Some people choose a "no gift" policy. I am not one of those people.

Happy Birthday!

My baby girl turned seven last week. SEVEN. (Let's take a moment to mourn both her babyhood and my youth.) (Solitary tear.)

The current PC-friendly trend has been for some families to send invitations for their child's birthday party with a highlighted part of the invitation stating that they do not want you to bring gifts for their child. I have no idea why they ask us not to bring a gift, but I honor their request despite my inherent desire to shower the child with presents. Because it's their BIRTHDAY. I am of the belief that your birthday is YOUR DAY. It is about celebrating YOU, be it with words or presents or a dinner out with friends. It's a chance for everyone to celebrate you, however they choose to celebrate you.

Again, I honor the request of the "no gift" parents.

When it comes to my own kids, I let those invited know that presents are optional. There is no pressure to bring a gift, but if you want to, go for it. My kids know that we host parties to celebrate their birthday, and them, and that any and every gift is just that. A gift. The friends who love them shower them with gifts they think my kids will love and this year was no different. My daughter loves being creative and was gifted markers and a friendship bracelet kit and so many other creative items that she will be using for months on end. She was celebrated, be it from a phone call, or a card, or a present.

There were two kids who come from "no gift" families who brought up in the middle of my daughter's gift opening that they didn't get gifts for their birthday parties. Being seven, I don't think they did it from a place where they thought their family was doing it "better." They were just stating facts. I think I need to ask their Moms why they've made that stance.

I'll never have a "no gift" policy for the reasons I've stated above, but I'm curious as to why people ask for no gifts. I'd love to hear your thoughts on gifts vs. no gifts for birthdays.

Do you have a "no gift" policy for your kids' birthdays? Why or why not?