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Cottage or Camping? (Question #1: Do You Like Sleeping on the Ground?)

I'm too old to sleep on the ground

Cottage vs Camping

We have a number of friends friends who spend the bulk of their summer driving their travel trailer to various locations and camping out. We have other friends who go even more basic and pitch tents (Heh) and cook over a fire and squat in the woods/facilities. I grew up doing both and it was great and wonderful and I have many fond memories. It's just not my bag anymore.

If you know me at all, then you know that I love the outdoors. I run (My first half marathon is in two weeks!), I hike, I bike, I go for walks, I ski. Being outside is one of my favorite places to be. I just don't want to sleep outside.

Here are the five reasons (I could give fifty) why going to a cabin is better that camping.

1. Toilets. Even my die-hard camping friends will tell me horror stories about squatting over a hole in the ground. No thank you. I am a lady. Sometimes.

2. Showers. I work out nearly every day. I have no problem getting dirty or working up a sweat. It feels amazing. So does a long, hot shower.

3. The food options. Because I run and work out, I like to eat. Because I don't want to put on unnecessary weight, I like to eat a lot of fresh vegetables, etc. The cooler only lasts so long. See also: Using an oven to roast/bake items other than hot dogs and s'mores.

4. The beds. You can tell me that you had a great sleep in your sleeping bag on the ground of your tent/the plywood mattress of your camping trailer and I will never believe you. Never ever. See also: You can shut your kids away in their own room so you can have some "grown-up time."

5. Room to breathe. Every trailer or tent I've been in is ... small and cramped. If it starts to rain, I like the fact that we don't have to huddle in a tiny space and breathe each other's air.