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A Money-Saving App Worth Flipping Over!

How To Save Your Time And Money When Holiday Shopping

A Money-Saving App Worth Flipping Over!

While crowd-sourcing apps to help save time and money, one name that kept coming up in my search was Flipp. I looked it up, read the reviews, and promptly downloaded it. I’m a convert. I love Flipp, and you should have the same money-saving opportunities that I do, right at your fingertips!

Traditionally, we see what's on sale each week by combing through stacks of weekly flyers. Despite having the best of intentions, I just don't have the time to go through them. However, I do have small pockets of time throughout the day (the grocery store lineup, filling up my gas tank, arriving early to pick up my kids from school) and these are perfect times for me to open up and browse the Flipp app — without the cumbersome paper to deal with.

At this time of the year it seems like the holiday fairy has sprinkled her "commitment dust" all over my calendar (I think she needs to maybe cut back on the hot toddies). Since the holidays are a busy time on top of the regular chaos of our daily lives, Flipp has helped to make my holiday shopping less stressful and much easier to accomplish — and all while saving money!

4 Cool Things You Need to Know About Flipp

1. Rather than delivering to your doorstep, Flipp delivers different retailers’ flyers digitally to the app. This allows you to access them anywhere, anytime. Flipp has all the flyers you could want or need — there are flyers from sporting goods stores, grocers, department stores, and more. I live in a small town, but we have a lot of great stores in town or the next town over that Flipp picks up. So even if a flyer isn't included in my weekly paper, I can still get it (and save money) through Flipp. You can set specific retailers as “favorites,” and search for savings by item (sweaters, toys, scarves, decorations), brand, or even by the amount you want to save on the items of their choice.

Take a look:     

2. Flipp makes it easy to plan out your shopping trips ahead of time — you can browse their weekly flyers in advance of shopping to save time and money when out. Or, like me, you can browse it on the fly. Not sure about a certain product? You can tap and hold to get specific details about that item.

3. How many times have we seen or clipped coupons, but left them at home? For me, it's more than I'd like to admit, actually. No more of that. Now, you can now open up the app and browse to find deals on your faves like I have been doing. I love finding my favourite skin care products and makeup items on super sale and pick them up as I run my regular errands. There's even a discount slider feature that allows you to highlight items that are on sale so you can easily see what the best deals and savings are. HOW COOL IS THAT? So cool.

4. You can tap on any item or deal to “clip” it and create your own shopping list that you can easily access at any time from the app. This past weekend my husband told me he'd love some good headphones for Christmas, and look at the deals I was able to find. BOOM.


  Flipp: Simple to use, simple to's how to get started:

1. Download the app from the iTunes store or the Google Play store.
2. Browse the brands you love.
3. Clip items straight to your shopping list.
4. Highlight top deals across the available flyers.
5. Save yourself both time and money when doing your holiday shopping!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezey.

Use Flipp as both a money-saving app and a holiday stress-reducer. We carry our phones with us at all times anyway, so why not have Flipp to help you when you need it? It's like the friend who always has the best deal, but doesn't get upset when you scoop up the last sweater on clearance.