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A to Z of Taming Tantrums: Z is for Zen

What helps you be the parent you want to be?

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Hi – Andrea here! I can hardly believe it, but this is the last video in our parenting series to help reduce toddler tantrums.

In this final episode of the A to Z of Taming Tantrums, I talk about the letter Z and Z is for Zen. When I think of the word “zen” as a parent of toddlers, I’m not referring to a calm, meditative state (although if you can achieve this: that’s amazing!) but rather a state where we feel rested enough to be the parent we want to be.

What helps you feel better? I did the crazy thing of not drinking coffee, and when I was about to fall over, found some way to have a nap—even if it was just for ten minutes. Actually, I still do this today.

I also make sure that I spend lots of time outside, which really does wonders for me. Please watch this video to learn more about what I think zen looks like for parents of small children:

Thank you for being on this taming tantrum journey with me. My sincere hope is that through this video series, my Taming Tantrums eBook, and also my Taming Tantrums smartphone app, you will get the information you need to feel confident parenting little ones. Over the past five years, I have worked on these projects to give you the information I was personally missing, and that I feel is critical for all parents of young children. 

We know that parenting toddlers is full of joy and wonder, but these years can also bring out the worst in us. The more prepared we are and the more we understand how toddlers work, the better able we will be to meet challenges with a plan rather than an explosion. 

Do you have any questions? Please do pop over to my Facebook page to ask those. 

I wish you very well and thank you again for joining me through this series. xox, Andrea

We're so excited to share with you the A to Z of Taming Tantrums video series! 

Each week we'll share the next letter of the alphabet and Andrea will discuss how it relates to reducing tantrums - and improve our experience as parents! You can view each video here as they are added each Friday.