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A to Z of Taming Tantrums: Y is for Yelling (less)

Curbing our yelling has a big positive impact on our families. Here's how to do that...

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This is the second last video in our twenty-six video series! This episode of our A to Z of Taming Tantrums program is for the letter Y, and Y is for Yelling (less). When we yell less, our children will too, so this is a win-win endeavour for everyone.

YES! I know how hard that is. I also know that deciding to yell less is a big commitment that happens eventually over time. When I realized my voice was loud more than it was soft, I made a conscious decision to dial down my tone with my children. Having worked on this over the past five years, I can say that the first year I was able to stop myself from yelling about half of the time, but now, I can stop myself 95 percent of the time. Yes, there are some shouts that still get through.

In this video I talk about what yelling less does for our family and some strategies for accomplishing this task:

There is a difference between yelling loudly for safety and yelling in a way that hurts our child's core belief development. In this post I discuss the difference between the two and how to make sure we are not inadvertently shouting things that might leave a scar.

Please be kind with yourself as you work on this yelling-less parenting goal. Some days you will feel great about your ability to lower your voice, and some days you'll regret how you interacted with your children. We've all done this! You are certainly not alone. Carry on knowing that just remembering that you want to yell less is wonderful and that over time this goal can be accomplished.  

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