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A to Z of Taming Tantrums: J is for Jobs

Routine "jobs" (chores) help increase cooperation. Here's how...

A to Z of Taming Tantrums |

Hi! Welcome back to the A to Z of Taming Tantrums video series. This week I'll be discussing the letter J, and J is for Jobs.

"Jobs" is the word I like to use instead of "chores." These are the daily tasks that everyone in the household needs to do in order to keep things running smoothly. Getting our young children used to, and involved in daily jobs will help making cleaning up become a regular part of life.

In this week's video, I explain how you can use the concept of jobs to reduce tantrums when it's time to chip in. I also share my favourite phrase for reminding children how to put their things away. Please click on the image below to watch the video:

Do you have a trick for getting your children to help out around the house? We like to put two or three fun songs on so we can dance our way through the jobs. Having only a few songs at a time helps make those jobs not feel too overwhelming or tedious. I also get our kids to clean up as the day progresses rather than leaving a lot to do at the end of the day when everyone is tired.

Thank you for continuing to watch this series, and I encourage you to come back for the next one which is the letter K, and K is for OK. Can you guess how OK is linked with tantrums? 


We're so excited to share with you the A to Z of Taming Tantrums video series! 

Each week we'll share the next letter of the alphabet and Andrea will discuss how it relates to reducing tantrums - and improve our experience as parents! You can view each video here as they are added each Friday.