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A to Z of Taming Tantrums: D is for De-escalate

Learn the trick for catching a tantrum before it builds into a big meltdown

The A - Z of Taming Tantrums |

Welcome to the next installment in our A to Z of Taming Tantrums video series. This week I talk about the letter D, and D is for de-escalate: catching a tantrum in the bud, redirecting the intensity of it before it turns into a big meltdown.

There is a brief moment where the upsetting experience our child has gone through hasn’t fully registered in the “reptilian” part of his or her mind. In that short window of time, it is possible to catch the feelings before they set off the fight-or-flight reaction (which triggers the big emotional, physical, and vocal motions).

In this video, I explain what to try saying to our children to de-escalate their big emotional reaction:

If you would like more information about tantrum de-escalation, I invite you to read this post: Preventing Tantrum Escalation.

I also recommend looking through my Taming Tantrums App (available for iPhone & Android), as one of the main goals of this app is to reduce the intensity and frequency of tantrums.

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We're so excited to share with you the A to Z of Taming Tantrums video series! 

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