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10 Super-Fun Activities for Kids to Do with Snow

Here's how to get crafty with the drifts and piles of snow in your yard

Get crafty with all the snow in your yard

Somewhere in the neighbourhood of two hundred centimetres of snow have fallen on my part of the world over the past few weeks.

Two hundred centimetres.

To put that in perspective, that's roughly the height of Will Ferrell, which is - if I'm not mistaken - A LOT OF SNOW!

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Sure, snow can be fun - for a while - but what do you do when your yard is already full of snow angels and you just can't bring yourself to help your kids make one more snowman?

You get creative.

Here are ten ideas to get you started.

1) Grab a stick and play tic-tac-snow.


2) Make snow symbols by squeezing drops of undiluted food colouring onto the pristine ground.

Snow symbols

If you dilute your food colouring (about 5 drops per cup of water), it will go a lot further. Just use an eyedropper, straw or spoon to drip the colours in the snow.

3) Paint a snow flower while incorporating a piece of bark from the giant stack of firewood that's been sitting on your deck since October.

Snow flower painted with diluted food colouring.

Snow flower picture

4) While you're at it, why not make a snow tree?

A snow tree made with food colouring.

5) Or, just put a bird on it.

Put a bird on it.

6) If you have a paintbrush (or even if you don't) go ahead and channel your inner Jackson Pollock as you drip and whip diluted food colouring across the giant drifts of snow in your backyard. You are an Abstract Expressionist. Your kids will LOVE THIS!

Jackson Pollock inspired snow art

 Abstract expressionism in the snow

At some point, your fingers will become frozen and you'll want to move the party inside. But don't forget the snow! Throw a bunch in a pan and dig out some watercolour paints. Then, get ready to make art where the process is more important than the product.

Get ready to make snow pictures.

7) Make a snowscape by painting with watercolour paints directly on the snow. This is a serious amount of fun.

Make a snowscape

Painting with snow.

Paint a snowscape.



8) Make sweet little snow sculptures and paint them with watercolours before they melt.

Snow turtle sculpture

Snow fish sculpture

9) Layer snow and diluted food colouring in a mason jar and watch it morph.

Snow in a jar.

Snow in a jar.

Snow in a jar.

10) If you're feeling particularly ambitious, get back outside and stomp your way to an incredible work of art, just like Simon Beck, snow artist. Amazing, right?

Simon Beck's snow art.

Simon Beck, snow artist

Simon Beck, snow artist

Simon Beck, snow artist

And finally, if you're looking for even more ways to get creative with snow, check out Joe Boughner's awesome Polka Dot Snow idea and then, watch this:

Simon Beck photos courtesy of the artist: Facebook