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Be My (Green) Valentine: DIY Love Notes Your Kids Can Make

Make homemade Valentine's Day messages using recycled items from around the house

Create homemade Valentine's Day messages using recycled items from around the house

You could go to the store and pick up ready-made Valentine's Day cards for your kids to distribute among friends and family on February 14th. Or, you could show them how to recycle some household paper goods into sweet messages of love and affection.

The required materials are few, and chances are you've already got everything you need in your office or basement.

Easy Watercolour Valentine's Cards That Are Out-Of-This World Gorgeous

Simply gather some cardboard tubes (from paper towels, wrapping paper or toilet paper), scrap paper (pink, red, & white), markers and/or crayons, a pair of scissors, and a splash of red and white paint.

Gather your supplies: cardboard tubes, scrap paper, paint, markers and scissors.

In addition to the above, you will also need paintbrushes, a container of water and some newspapers or an old tablecloth to protect your work surface. And maybe some cinnamon hearts, for energy.

Step 1: Fold a cardboard tube into the shape of a heart by running a crease down the middle.

Fold the cardboard tube down the centre.

Step 2: Press the folded tube flat and cut into 3cm sections. You'll probably want to toss the end pieces as they tend to unravel.

Cut the tube into 3cm sections.

Step 3: Gather your little hearts.

Look at all those little hearts!

Step 4: Using poster, acrylic or tempera paint, give the hearts some colour.

Paint the cardboard hearts.

Painted cardboard hearts

Step 5: While you're waiting for the paint to dry, create some fun messages on scrap paper using markers, crayons or whatever you have on hand.

Draw some love notes.

Step 6: Roll the notes, tuck them into the little painted cardboard hearts and voila, they are ready to share.

Roll the notes and slide them into the cardboard hearts.

Tuck your love notes into little cardboard hearts

Love notes!

Aren't they sweet?

Your child can set her Valentines in a bowl and let loved ones choose their own.

Leave love notes  in a bowl for friends and family

Or she can hide them in unlikely places, like inside the fridge or in the cupboard next to the coffee filters and cake mix

Either way, these messages of love will be truly from the heart.

Sweet messages of love.