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Nishi Sood: Weekly Entrepreneur We Love

Meet the Founder of Night Day Digital Media

Who: Nishi Sood, owner of Night Day Digital Media. Night Day Digital Media helps small businesses "get noticed in the wild, wild web." Services include: social media training, ghost blogging, web services, headshots, and web video. 
In Business Since: 2004
Business Highlights: I helped get a self-published first-time author on an Amazon best-seller list. I helped a travel/food writer attract more freelance gigs by introducing her to blogging and Tweeting. I've built several blogs and sites for small businesses, which have helped them grow. I've demystified various social media platforms for many solopreneurs, helping them attract and convert business leads. I've started several networking groups, thrown several networking events and am working towards building a solid community of like-minded badass business owners!
Business Challenge: Finding balance between my health and happiness, being a single mom, networking, and running my business. Lack of time is my major challenge. 
Business Question: Know anyone who can clean my house? LOL! 
Spark’s Insights: While your question was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, we think it provides some important information! Trust us, if you are a single mom who is running and growing a business, not to mention trying to have a semblance of a life, you don’t have time to clean your house. Part of being a mom entrepreneur is letting go of the idea that you can do it all. Just as you would prioritize some business activities over others, you need to do the same at home. For starters, get some help with the house cleaning. If the budget doesn’t permit it, consider a barter of services with a house cleaning company or hire a local teen to do it. Any help you get will be an improvement. Then sit back in your clean house and enjoy!
Nishi’s Advice to Other Entrepreneurs: Don't take your health for granted. Being an effective business leader AND a mom at the same time should qualify as an Olympic sport. Also, don't multitask. [Spark note: we couldn’t stop multitasking if we tried!]
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