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Entrepreneur We Love: Amber Parkinson

Meet A Massage Therapist

Who: Amber Parkinson, owner of Amber Parkinson Massage. Amber is a registered massage therapist, providing services for the whole family, specializing in prenatal and postpartum. She believes massage can help anyone and works with each person to tailor treatment to their specific needs. 
In Business Since: 2013
Business Highlights: Recently I began seeing a client who, after an accident, has had pain and numbness for several months, despite having tried various treatments, including other massage therapy. After a couple of treatments with me they have seen significant decrease in symptoms. It makes me proud to make a difference in someone's life.
Business Challenge: Helping people understand the importance of massage therapy as a wellness tool for their lives.
Business Question: How do you make yourself stand out in an oversaturated market?
Spark’s Insights: For your business, networking and excellence in customer service are going to be hugely important as you grow. The education challenge you mention can be addressed by simply getting out and talking to as many potential clients as possible. Since you specialize in prenatal and postpartum treatments, you will want to connect with as many moms as possible. The good news is that there are many networking groups for moms that you can join. Even talking to other moms in the park will help. Set a goal of telling five people a week about what you do. When that gets easy, raise the bar!  
Once a client comes in the door, you have a big opportunity for repeat business and referrals. Small things, like remembering the names of clients’ kids (take notes after a session) or calling them a day after their treatment to see how they are doing, will go a long way toward building a roster of loyal clients.
Amber’s Advice to Other Entrepreneurs: It isn't easy, and you will feel like you are failing in your family life or your work life, but just try your best. It will work out.
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