Ali Martell: Straight Up, With a Twist


The Oscars 2012

The Good

Usually after awards shows I am full of, well, a lot to say. There's always THE GOOD, THE BAD, and the...CONFUSING. Last night was no exception. There was some bad (like Sandra Bullock's dress, Angelina Jolie's leg, and The Dictator's ashes). There was some confusing (like Natalie Portman's polka dots and Michelle Williams waist-skirt). And I don't care what you have to say about it being boring and about Billy Crystal being no longer relevant and full of strange plastic surgery, I quite enjoyed last night's Academy Awards. 

Yes. I did. 

Because say what you will, for me there was a lot of good. 

Like Christopher Plummer's win. “You’re only two years older than me, darling. Where have you been all my life?” he said to his 84-year-old statue. 

Like Esperanza Spalding's song. 

Like Kelly Ripa's dress.

Like Octavia Spencer's acceptance speech. 

Like Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis with two pairs of giant cymbols. 

Like the Bridesmaids talking about wieners and short films; also playing the Scorsese drinking game. 

Like every single thing about Leslie Mann.

Like Jessica Chastain's date—her grandmother. 

Like Viola Davis and her completely effortless chic. 

Like Emma Stone bantering with Ben Stiller. 

Like the "it's a wonderful night for Oscar. Oscar, Oscar."

Like Meryl Streep's EVERYTHING. Seriously, I forgive her for her dress because the woman is just A GOLDEN GOD. 

Like Billy Crystal poking fun at himself for maybe no longer being relevant. 

Like Jean Dujardin's Roberto Benigni-esque acceptance speech.

Like the interviews with the celebrities about their favorite things about movies—complete with Ed Norton! and Reese Witherspoon admitting to loving Overboard. 

See? So much good. 

What about you? What was GOOD last night for you?