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SAG Awards Win: Michelle Williams in Valentino

Michelle is a winner in my books!

Michelle Williams showed up at the 2006 Oscars in that stunning yellow Vera Wang dress and I remember thinking—for the first time—that she was no longer just that girl who looks like a duck from Dawson's Creek. With Heath Ledger on her arm and red on her lips, she had arrived.

She was red-carpet ready.

And then, well, Michelle Williams continued to prove herself to me as an actress (Brokeback Mountain. Blue Valentine. My Week With Marilyn.) but her red carpet choices put her on my worst-dressed lists after almost every single awards show.

Remember this?

And this?

And—most recently—this?

But last night, you guys.

Last night!

Last night, at the 2012 SAG Awards, Michelle Williams won me back, with a stunning red Valentino dress that I wanted to make out with.

She may not win an Oscar on February 26th, but she most certainly has a chance to do something she hasn't done since 2006—make my best-dressed list, which, obviously, is totally better than a little old statue, right?