Ali Martell: Straight Up, With a Twist


Kobo VS Kindle

Tell Me Which One To Buy

I love books. 


In fact, I read at least one a week.

In fact, I am on a mission to read 62 of them in 2012, one more than I read in 2011. 

I am currently reading books #19, #20, #21—I have one on my nightstand, one in the bathroom, and one on my phone. 

Yes, I read on my phone. It started back when I had a 2-hour+ daily commute that included a stuffy subway ride. I wanted the ease of having a way to read even if I was standing up and sandwiched between many, many people. The iPhone was super convenient. 

But now that I work at home, there is no need to read on such a small device. 

So. Conundrum. 

Kobo or Kindle?

Which is better? What are the differences? Why would I buy one over the other? Do you have one? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What do you wish your eReader had on it? Are there any limitations with the Kindle in Canada—I hear that you can't use the Kindle Fire in Canada? Is this true? WHY?