5 Tools To Turn Your Roast Beef From Meh To Magnificent

Without These Kitchen Tools Perfect Roast Beef Will Be Impossible

5 Tools To Turn Your Roast Beef From Meh To Magnificent

Making perfect roast beef at home should not be intimidating or difficult. With a few simple steps and some essential tools you can make sure that any roast you make, from an expensive standing rib roast to a lower end chuck roast, will turn out perfect every time.

In my kitchen I have five basic tools that are crucial for making sure my roasts come out great. They don't need to be overly expensive to be effective either.

 Shallow roaster — A shallow roasting pan makes sure that the heat in your oven can get to your roast efficiently. The low sides ensure that the roast is roasting and not simmering or stewing and the rack lifts the roast out of the base of the pan to ensure it gets a nice crust on all sides.

 Quality pepper mill — Good beef does not need a lot of flavour. I generally stick to fresh ground salt and pepper. I've had the same Unicorn brand pepper shaker for a decade and it's still grinding away. 

 Carving board with a juice reservoir — Any time you cook a large roast there is going to be moisture that comes off of it when you begin to slice. Having a good sized, quality cutting board with a juice reservoir makes sure that your cutting board will last and that your countertops will not be covered with run-off from your beef. 

 Digital in-oven thermometer — Meat doneness is exactly based on one variable. Internal temperature. If you don't know the internal temperature of your beef, then no poking, prodding, eye-balling or guesstimating will give you the true answer. A probe thermometer is an absolute must to ensure a perfectly done roast.

 Roast Beef Slicing Knife — The trick to restaurant looking, uniform cuts of beef is a thin and long knife known as a beef slicer. It will allow you to cut each slice with a single pass of the blade, without any back-and-forward sawing motion to interfere with the perfect slice.


What about you? Is there anything in your kitchen that is a must-have for making your perfect roast at home?