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The Fictional Characters I, um, Want

Last night I dreamed of Trip Fontaine. Again. I have this dream often. There was one time the two of us actually held up a Target to steal diapers and yu-gi-oh cards, and coconut m&ms. Seriously. I can't even make this stuff up, you guys. But yes, Trip Fontaine is always there, always calling me a STONE FOX, and then I swoon. It’s funny, you know, dreaming about a fictional character…because, you know, the dude who plays him—Josh Hartnett—is not all the interesting to me at all, but slap on a leisure suit and some '70s style sunglasses and weird hair and ohmydamn. YES.

So, of course, then you have to wonder. 

Who are the fictional characters you want to, um, you know, you know.

1. Don Draper. Mad Men. The Playboy. (see also...Roger Sterling. The Older Man)


2. Jake Ryan. Sixteen Candles. The Ideal.


3. Tim Riggins. Friday Night Lights. The Bad Boy.


4. Tripp Fontaine. The Virgin Suicides. The Mystery. 

5. Ben Covington. Felicity. The One You'd Follow to NYC.


6. JORDAN CATALANO. My-So-Called-Life. The Crush.


7. Stringer Bell. The Wire. The Dangerous One. (*SWOON*)

8. Ryan Atwood. The OC. The Bad Boy Turned Good Boy. 

9. Noah Calhoun. The Notebook. The One You Want to Kiss In the Rain

Who are yours?