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How Taylor Swift is Doing the Best PR for Starbucks

"lonely Starbucks lovers" and other misheard song lyrics

Taylor Swift

I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift is really good for the Starbucks coffee industry these days. 

I mean, surely there has not been a misheard lyric this, well, misheard since everyone thought the words were "wrapped up like a douche" in Manfred Mann's Blinded By The Light.

The actual lyrics in Taylor Swift's Blank Space are "long list of ex-lovers" and not "lonely Starbucks lovers" but I for one do not believe it. I listen and listen and listen (What?! It's a good song, you guys) and I cannot not hear Starbucks. As a coffee lover, and a liker of catchy things, I actually like it better, if we're being honest. 

(Starbucks never had PR this great.)

New York Magazine says that thinking (and singing) the words as Starbucks is allowed, though. They say it's basically science. Basically, our ears hear the right words, but our brains interpret them as something else based on our expectations and experiences. And since I have more life experience with coffee than I have with ex-lovers (I got married when I was 19, after all), I'm pretty sure the Starbucks lyric makes sense to me. 

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I also hear Justin Timberlake singing "a bucketful of soap" instead of a "pocketful of soul." I am a bit of a germ-o-phobe. And, as a gumchewer like Violet Bouregarde I guess it's fitting that sometimes I sing "Can you taste this gum?" when I sing Iggy Azalea's Fancy even though I know full well that those are not the words. What lyrics do you always mishear?

I really can't explain the douche line though, I swear...

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