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Fashion at The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

The Great and the not-so-great from the red carpet

This past Sunday night, stars of both the small screen and the big screen walked the (freezing cold) red carpet to celebrate the 70th Annual Golden Globes Awards. It's one of my most favourite nights of the year—to pop some popcorn and get into my jammies and watch from the comfort of my couch.

I love to see what and who all of my favorite celebrities are wearing.

I Loved Your Dress:

Honestly, I'm usually not a fan of nude, white, or skin-coloured red-carpet dresses. I worry about how it works with different skin tones, and sometimes it does absolutely nothing for the dress-wearer. This year, though, surprisingly and interestingly, almost all of my favorite 2013 Golden Globes dresses were all colourless.

Amanda Seyfried was—for me—the best look of the night. Her hair was perfect. Her dress has clean, flattering lines, it has beautiful detailing, and her boobs are not gratuitously on display. I think she looks flawless.

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I'm not usually a fan of the fishtail/mermaid bottom on dresses, but this dress is perfect for Hayden Panettiere. I love the fabric, the shape, the colour.

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I'm a huge fan of Isla Fisher—and not just because she is married to Sascha Baron Cohen—and I think this dress is just lovely.

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It took me a while to warm to Anne Hathaway's dress—it's the two-piece part of it for me. The fabric is excellent, the lines, the colour, but the two pieces make it look like Anne's either trying to hide a baby bump, which as far as I know is not a fact (but it is how rumours get started...) or makes it look like she's walking down the aisle as a junior bridesmaid. But I don't know, somehow it works for her..and for me. Perhaps it's because right now Anne Hathaway could probably wear her dirty and torn Fantine dress and I'd still think she looked amazing.

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Claire Danes just had a baby and thanks, likely, to really excellent genes, looks absolutely wonderful right now. This dress was amazing. I would have probably underdone those eyes a bit, though.

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I Wanted to Love Your Dress But:

Oh Kate Hudson, how I wanted to love this. But the gold-plated confusion that's happening aroung the neck area of this dress is distracting to me, and kind of unforgivable. Perhaps a more subdued neckline and some fabulous golden jewels would have made a better choice.

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Taylor Swift has one of the best heads of hair in Hollywood right now. In fact, I will be taking a photo of her hair to my hairdresser next week when I get my blunt bangs cut (Yes! I'm finally going through with it!). I think it was a mistake, here, to so severely tie back her hair. It ages her, and was not a good look. And the dress. Well, here's the thing. One of my biggest red-carpet pet peeves is the fabric choice. For me, the first thing I would think is: HOW WILL THIS FABRIC WEAR OVER THE COURSE OF THE EVENT. And silks and satins are not a good look. They wrinkle in the car ride over to the Golden Globes. She looks like she needs a really good steam and iron, and the evening hasn't even started yet.

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I love so much about Jennifer Lawrence here. Her hair, her makeup, her jewels. But this dress, man. The machine-gun jubblies are so distracting that I cannot see anything else. They were pointy and Madonna-esque. ICK.

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I Did Not Love Your Dress:

Amy Adams was a little too Ballerina-gone-bad for me.

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This is a two for one, right here!

Jessica Chastain. Oh she is just so beautiful—it's a shame that she's hiding under the dumpiest dress of the night, and her hair is slicked back awkward-like. Not a good look for her.

And Sienna Miller? I don't even know what is happening here, but I'm fairly certain that one of my daughter's Barbies has a similar outfit. I hope Sienna arrived in Ken's red sports car.

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I Don't Even Understand Your Dress:

Oh, Michelle Dockery. No, honey. Just no.

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You're Not Wearing A Dress, But You Sure Can Wear a Suit:

Eddie Redmayne is just wonderful, and his look at the Golden Globes was no exception.

Be still my heart.

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What about you? What dresses did you love? Didn't love?