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The Best Frozen Covers On The Internet...

...According To The Martell Kids

So yes. In addition to having to live though the live version of our very own ETERNAL WINTER this year, it has been Frozen all the time around here. The movie, the soundtrack, the YouTube singalong videos, and the covers. The covers! 

I asked my kids to share their favorite covers with you, so when you're taking a break from watching Kristen Bell play all three Annas live on stageGo on, watch and come back. I can wait. It's worth it—you can check these out. You won't be sorry. I promise.

Well, my kids promise, really. 

Christina Bianco sings 'Let It Go' as Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato...and a whole bunch of other females singers too. 

 Alex Boyé featuring One Voice Children’s Choir sing 'Let It Go'

 Sam Tsui's 'Let It Go' and Passenger's 'Let Her Go' mashup. Brilliant. 

 It's 'Let It Go'! In 25 Languages! It's awesome. 


 Even if these kids don't think so...

 It's a medley...and this time it's not just 'Let It Go'

 It's essentially what happens whenever I'm in the car...

 This one by Korean singer Sonnet Son is just wonderful.

 'Bet It Go' — The High School Musical 2 Mashup

And, of course, there's my favorite...

The Benedict Cumberbatch GIF version...



What about you? What are your family's favourite Frozen covers? Maybe it's this one—this hilarious parody for moms? Or this one by The Piano Guys?