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What I Really Want For Valentine's Day

Gifts for when you don't like chocolate or flowers

I am girl who doesn't like chocolate or flowers or most jewelery. 

Yes, it's true. No chocolate. 

But, I'm also a girl who is easy to please, mostly because I adore practical gifts. You want to buy me a vacuum cleaner? Go for it! A coffee maker? Yes please. Lights and umbrellas for my photography studio? Nods head in giddy anticipation. 

I have also been eyeing these lovely things lately, that are a good mix of practical, pretty, and just downright I will kiss you so hard if I opened a box and this was in it. Ahem. 

Here are 8 Gifts I Really Want For Valentine's Day:

1. I Heart Umbrellas umbrella, $29.99, ModCloth

2. Ixora Blossoms Necklace, $48.00, anthroplogie

3. Infinity chevron scarf in red, ONLY $5.95!!, Etsy

4. Pad printed bowls, $9.38, West Elm

5. First-edition Franny and Zooey book, $250.00, Brian Cassidy, Bookseller. This is my all-time favorite book. Is there anything more romantic for a book lover than a first-edition? NO THERE IS NOT. 

6. Lazypants sweatpants in red, $80.00, Comfy and cozy enough for these freezing Toronto days—Un-shlumpy enough to wear if someone were to drop by unannounced. The red color is gorgeous. 

7. Ribbon heart dishtowel, $18.00, anthropologie. 

8. Red bird case for iphone, $50.95, zazzle


Spill It: What do you have your eye on for this February 14th?

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