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10 Great Black And White Cold Weather Accessories

Because there are still SEVENTY days until Spring

So, it's cold in Canada.

Actually, it's cold everywhere.

Except California.

Thanks, Polar Vortex.

I'm not really a fan of cold in general, mostly due to some really poor circulation and the body constitution of a 95-year-old grandmother. In fact, most of the winter you can find me hibernating in front of my fireplace in my warm jammies, because I like to feel my fingertips, and I have nightmares about losing my toes to frostbite. As you may have guessed, I don't participate in winter sports, and YES I KNOW I LIVE IN CANADA. Sometimes, though, my life requires me to emerge from my heated home and go out into the cold, cold world, where good (and cute!) cold weather accessories are essential.

And that is how I came to buy myself this $12.50 gift right here, because if I can't laugh about below 0 temperatures, I'll go mad.

Kidding aside, I've rounded up some of the other black and white cold weather accessories that are currently at the top of my wishlist.

Because there are still SEVENTY days until spring.


1. 'Hearts' Muffler, $24.71, Nordstrom

2. Park to Park Scarf, $21.99, ModCloth

3. Striped Long Glove, $35.99, Banana Republic. If you order today, you get an extra 40% off this price!

4. "Cheer Up" Beanie Hat, $12.50, Garage

5. Hooded Puffer Jacket, $129 (GREAT PRICE!), Barneys New York

6. Infinity Scarf, $15.00, Le Chateau

7. Hummingbird Print Scarf, $16.90, Delias

8. 'Touch' Knit GlovesGood for using tech!—$23.84, Nordstrom

9. 'Scandi Fair Isle' Snood, $40.90, Nordstrom

10. Canada Pom Pom Toque, $36.00, Roots