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8 Fun Gifts For Your Favorite Female

Some picks from my running list of gifts

I am a listmaker by nature. I make lists of all of the lists I need to make.

No really, I do.

Throughout the year I have a running list of all of the things I'd like to have. Sometimes the list includes really practical gifts, like a coffee maker and Hanky Panky thongs. And sometimes the list includes big things that I need to save up for, like a new camera and lighting equipment.

But most of the time it includes hints for my husband.

"Here honey, darling, love of my life, here are some reasonably priced things I would never buy for myself, but wouldn't complain if they showed up in a gift bag...or under a tree somewhere."

1. Holiday Cheer Dishtowel, $18, Anthropologie. I love adding a few extra touches in my home around the holidays. Pair this with its Merry, Merry partner for a great hostess gift!

2. Green Camo Skinnies, $119, Lazypants. I can't express to you how much I need these pants. I work from home and while I do try to get dressed every day, there are times in the dead of -20 degree winter when I really just want to wear a pants your can really LIVE IN, yanno?

3. Learn To Knit Kit, $62, I learned to knit when I was 8 years old and my Bubbie taught me to make scarves. I made about 85 scarves until I got bored and gave up and then completely forgot how to knit. I would love to pick it up again!

4. Les Miserables Book Scarf, $42, Etsy. It's not the first time I have drooled over these book scarves and I may—admittedly—own more than one. But Les Miserables? This one might be my favorite. If this tale isn't your thing, you can check out listing for so many other great novels, including Romeo and Juliet and Alice and Wonderland.

5. Shanna Murray Recipe Pie Dish, $22.41, WestElm. Oh how I love this. It's two gifts in one—a pie dish AND a recipe for pumpkin pie.

6.  Sorel Tofino Herringbone Boot, $155.01, Free People. Weatherproof and waterproof boots are a necessity for our harsh Canadian winters. But who says that warm winter boots need to be super expensive or super ugly? I love the herringbone on these boots—they really add a little personality to practicality, don't you think?

7. Eat Cake For Breakfast Mug, $20, Kate Spade. Now *here's* a message I can really get behind. I love cake, and I love to eat it breakfast. Who doesn't, really?

8. T-shirt, $19.95, I suspect that the maker of this t-shirt just really, really likes winter. But I...just really, really like Game of Thrones. And I actually kind of hate winter.


Thanks in advance, husband.



Love of my life.