Ali Martell: From Hemlines to Heels


Great Back-To-School Fashions For Boys and Girls

Fashion finds from Joe Fresh, Gap, Zara, and H&M

back-to-school fashion for boys and girls

I have three kids who keep doing this thing called growing.

It's true. Sigh.

Each fall, I turn around and suddenly all the pants that fit just two months ago have turned into flood pants, and all of the sleeves that were nice and long in April are now 3/4 length at best. So, in addition to buying school supplies and gear, I have three closets to fill with shirts, shoes, sweaters, hoodies, pants, and jeans.

Similarly to my approach to shopping for clothing for MYSELF, I truly believe in the hi/low concept for kids. I like to spend a little more on basics that might last for more than one season or might get a lot of wear and tear—good, sturdy jeans, shoes, coats, and I like to save money on clothing that is super trendy (likely to go out of style quickly) or clothing that won't get too much wear.

Some of my favourite places to shop for back-to-school fashions—that are all Martell kid-approved!—are:

Joe Fresh








What about you? Where do you like to shop for your kids?


(Note to the curious: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I am just a mom, a fan, and a writer—full stop. Happy back-to-school shopping to you!)

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