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A Great And Affordable Valentine's Day Gift

The Kobo Mini

Valentine's Day isn't super big in our house. I think last year my husband and I ate Chinese food on the floor in our bedroom and shared some heart-shaped cookies with our three children. My husband was once referred to as one of the most romantic men in Canada (no really), so I don't sit around an wait for something to happen on February 14th—romantic things usually happen when I'm not expecting them.  

So, while it's not a big deal for us, it certainly doesn't stop me from sharing my wish lists with him, in the hopes that come Valentine's Day, I'll be surprised with a brand-new Kobo mini

Size does, in fact, matter this Valentine's Day. 

And I want this 5-inch beauty. I mean, really, it will be make the reading I do while boiling pasta and blowing my hair dry much, much easier. (What? you don't read while you cook for your children?)

Oh please tell my husband that the Kobo Mini is on sale from now until Valentine's Day for $59.99. That's basically what he spends on Chinese food anyway, so he's at it, he can just go ahead and pick me up one of these amazing cases too.  

1. Plum Blossoms Case, $19.99,

2. Aviary Sparrow Bird Case, $42, 

3. Black and White Rose Case, $32,

4. Bike Ride Blue Case, $15,

5. Padded Elephant Sleeve, $24.99,

6. Quilted Leather Sleeve, $20,


I promise to share it with him—I mean, that might make me one of the most romantic women in Canada, right? RIGHT


(Note. I, uh, was not compensated for this post. I just really, really like reading in almost all shapes and sizes. And I also really like to receive gifts. Especially the kind that I come right out and ask for.)