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Manpacks: The Perfect Gift for The Man Who Has Everything

Let Manpacks help you think outside the box this holiday season

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping yet?

If your answer is no, then fist bumps all around.

If your answer is yes, then please just lie to me and change your answer to no. It will make me feel better and less panicky. It's allowed.

It's not that I haven't done any shopping at all. The kids in my life? Done! The ladies? Super easy. I just go out and find all of the things that I would like to buy for myself and buy them for my ladies. And then buy a second one of everything for myself (but shh. Don't tell my husband).

Men, though. Men are so hard. It's hard to think outside the box when it comes to men. Bottle of Scotch? Tie? Scarf? I don't even know where to begin without buying the most cliche of gifts.

Enter Manpacks: helping me think outside the box and inside the, erm, pack. s an online lifestyle subscription service for men who are too busy to worry about shopping for basics like underwear, socks, shirts, shaving supplies, toiletries, and condoms. And for the upcoming 2012 holiday season, Manpacks is making it easier to find gifts for difficult-to-shop-for men with its new Giftpacks service. Nearly 20% of Manpacks' customers are comprised of women shopping for their boyfriends and husbands. Giftpacks are built around 10 unique customer lifestyle profiles (i.e., The CEO, The Playboy, The High-Roller, The Gym Rat, The Traveler, etc.), and feature products from Manpacks' carefully curated collection of hand-picked and tested goods.

Also, choosing a giftpack could not be easier.

All you have to do is follow the simple easy-to-follow directions.

Click the arrow, click the personality type of the man in your life.

I like it! It's easy and it's different.


(I was not compensated for this review. I was, however, sent a manpack of my very own, which I *might* be giving to one of the men in my life. Happy Hanukkah, sweetheart.)