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Gap Jeans: Rediscover An Old Classic

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is kind of like finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie. You have heard that it's out there, somewhere, waiting for you to discover its wonder and beauty, but you sometimes think it might be a myth. I have been on this journey (for the cookie...and the jeans) for years and along the way I have found some good ones, even some great ones, and some I hope to never encounter again. I have been a fan, recently, of my J.Brand skinny jeans and my Paige bootcuts

I can assure you, though, that those two pairs of jeans were not bought on whims. Oh no! Buying a new pair of jeans and adding it to the pile in my closet is a science of sorts. I don't buy jeans without trying them on at least two different stores, with two different mirrors (Don't be fooled by dressing room mirrors, people! They can be sneaky little suckers) and I don't buy jeans without going home and doing a little research and reading reviews. Do they wash well? Do they stretch? Do other people love them?

Because of this, you might be surprised to know that recently, I found myself at a Gap store in my local mall, as I'm apt to do, and I, on a complete and total whim, picked up a pair of their Legging Jeans and within three minutes I had brought them up to the cash and had paid for them. I hadn't even tried them on! But, you guys, they were calling to me. "Ali, buy me! Ali, you need me! Ali, you won't be sorry!"

Hello, new favorite jeans!

I assure you, I'm not sorry. Not one little bit. 

Finding this pretty perfect pair of jeans (at a price tag I can really get behind, I should add) made me stop and think that maybe I should stop skipping over the jeans section of Gap. As my husband can assure you, I spend a lot of my paychecks at Gap—clothing for the kids, ballet flats, white blouses, sweaters, dresses, you name it. But never jeans! I had decided somewhere along the way that I needed to buy designer jeans—they had better cuts, better fabrics, better feels. 

And I'll never give those up; designer jeans certainly have a place in my wardrbos.

But so do Gap jeans, you guys. 

I'm falling in love. Over and over again.

Meet my second favorites: The Always Skinny Jean

See also two more of my new loves:

The Perfect Boot Jeans

The Skinny Boot Jeans. 

Give Gap jeans a chance—tell 'em I sent you. You won't be sorry. 

(Disclaimer for all of you: the lovely, lovely people at the Gap were kind enough to give me a voucher to buy the Always Skinny jeans.)

(Disclaimer for my husband: the rest of the jeans were purchased by YOU. Sorry. Take it up with The Gap. Their jeans are too nice.)