Ali Martell: From Hemlines to Heels


Emmy Awards Fashion 2012

Hits...and near misses

Oh, the Emmys. 

I am slightly surprised by how in love with Ginnifer Goodwin's vintage-inspired Monique Lhuillier dress. For me, the entire look is perfection. The hair, the earrings, the shoes. 

I also loved:

I'm shocked by how much I liked this dress: 

And equally shocked by how much I love this:

Interestingly, there was not a lot of huge miss for me last night, unless, of course, you want to talk about Elizabeth Moss. Oh, Elizabeth, please don't ever wear floral again.  

There were, however, styles that are, well, not for me.

I think brights—think yellow, green, orange—can be tricky and risky on the red carpet. Sometimes I love it—remember when Michelle Williams wore that gorgeous yellow dress to the Oscars? And sometimes it just does nothing for me. Last night's color worked, but, honestly, I would have liked to have seen both Julie Bowen and Claire Danes in a different color. Also, Julianne Moore needed a very different, less matronly neckline. 

I like cleavage as much as the next person, but I don't love when the necklines look like they just might fall to the ground, or they do that super weird boob-flattening, sports-bra-like effect. I'd just ask for a little more structure around the ladies, ladies!

And then there's the problem with the fabrics. I don't understand why designers don't understand that the dress wearer is going to need to do things such as SIT at some point. Honestly, once ride in the limo over to the red carpet should not cause pleats and puckers, and yet, we see it at every single awards show. This dress *could* have been so lovely, but, really, all I see it that her dress could really use some steaming. 

What about you? What were your favorite looks last night? Least favorite?

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