Ali Martell: From Hemlines to Heels


Marisa Tomei at the 2012 TIFF in Jonathan Saunders

I love her look—well, half of her look.

I opened up my browser recently and saw this:

And I couldn't help but drool over this adorable Jonathan Saunders cocktail dress that Marisa Tomei recently wore at the Toronto International Film Festival. 


But then, something happened. 

I realized that I was looking at this on my tiny Macbook Air. And because it's tiny, I wasn't seeing the entire dress. And so I scrolled down. And then I realized that this dress is no cocktail dress. Oh no. There was a good 24 inches (at least) of this dress that didn't make it onto my screen.


No no no. Really? 

The top half of this dress is so lovely. That fabric! Covet. The colors! Beautiful. 

But then it goes from being vintage-y retro chic to being housecoat frumpy

I really hope this isn't a trend that's sticking around. I'd hate to have to add it to my list that already includes crop tops and floral jeans.