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4 Products to Kick Spring Allergies to the Curb

Send Allergies Packing

4 products that'll help you kick spring allergies to the curb.

Our mild winter means spring allergies are already tickling your nose and making your eyes itch. Open windows bringing fresh air will also bring with them spring allergens — pollens, molds, spores and more. And just like every year, I've got even more tips for battling spring allergies. First, read these ten easy ways to combat indoor allergens, and this post with some additional ideas

These are the products that'll help you win the war against spring allergies: 

Dyson Cinetic DC77 Vacuum 

I have an older model Dyson and L-O-V-E it, but this newer one is even better. It boasts a whole-machine HEPA-filter, meaning that when you're cleaning, none of the airborne allergens are blown back out into your home. It traps everything. 

Organic Lifestyle Shredded Rubber Pillows 

My son has the toddler-sized "travel" pillow, but it's what he uses in his bed at home. The pillows help keep dust mites (and therefore, their disgusting poop) at bay, and are fully washable. They're a great way to relieve nighttime allergy symptoms. 

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier 

We have a rickety old air cleaner that I'm looking to replace, and given my love of Dyson products, this is the model I'll be buying. You know air quality is important, and it's even more imperative for bedrooms. Anything that could reduce snoring sounds like a no-brainer to me. 

All Natural Allergen Reducer 

Forget chemical-laden sprays, just make this natural allergen-reducer and spray around your home to kill dust mites and reduce seasonal sneezes.

Wishing you all a sneeze-free spring!

Image Source: tinafranklindg on Flickr

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