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Ask Prime Minister Trudeau to Remove Peanuts and Nuts from Airlines

by: Alex Thom
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Luke Sullivan, a 14 year-old from Coldwater, Ontario has a message for you: peanut and nut allergies affect 1 in 13 people and he's one of the ones at risk. He's started a petition with the intention of grabbing the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His request is simple: remove peanuts and nuts from all airlines and help save the lives of everyone with life-threatening allergies. Sullivan says:

"I respectfully ask that we move forward in making people more aware that 1 in 13 people are affected by food allergies, some fatal, by changing the laws to remove peanuts and tree nuts on planes, provide the necessary training for airline staff on the severity of peanut allergies and epi-pen use, and even carrying several epi-pens on planes in order to be able to help someone in need. That way people like me can travel with less stress and from time to time take the family on a vacation.  I think it even makes business sense. Imagine if allergy sufferers and their families could fly; what increase in revenue would there be to the airline that states "We do not serve nuts, and respectfully ask passengers that for the safety of many, to  please help us create a safe nut free flying experience and environment by leaving these products in your luggage." The more people who agree, the more chances we have at change."

Although in-flight reactions are uncommon, they certainly can happen, as was the case for one little girl on a Ryanair flight out of the UK. A fellow passenger was warned of the little girl's deadly allergy, and chose to eat his nutty snack anyway. Given how unwilling some people are to make these accomodations, it seems that completely banning nuts and peanuts from flights is the only way to help protect anaphylactic passengers.

The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative has more information and even detailed, downloadable petitions you can use to draw our federal government's attention to the issue, and you can SIGN LUKE'S PETITION HERE.

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