Yes! Even People with Peanut Allergies Can Eat These Nuts!

Royal Nuts: Dry Roasted, Peanut Allergy Friendly Morsels of Perfection

by: Alex Thom
Yes! Even People with Peanut Allergies Can Eat These Nuts!

Last year, a friend shared some nutty news with me — she'd discovered peanut-free nuts and seeds at her local grocery store from a company called Royal Nuts (find out how to get them in YOUR local store below!). To someone without allergies, that's probably not very exciting, but to someone with a peanut allergy (who isn't allergic to tree nuts) this is BIG news.

Nuts and peanuts are usually processed in the same facilities, which means there's a high risk of cross-contamination. So, many people with peanut allergies avoid tree nuts just to be safe. The downside is that they're missing out on really healthy (and yummy) snacks (they produce nuts, seeds, and dried fruit). Thanks to Royal Nuts, this isn't an issue because all of their products are produced and packaged in a peanut-free facility. 

I'm even more excited about their products now, because my son's most recent skin test showed no reaction to the tree nut panel, and he's being sent to SickKids in the spring for an oral food challenge. So by fall, there's a good chance we could introduce tree nuts back into our household! Since nuts are one of my favourite foods, and a healthy source of protein, it would be awesome to be able to stock our house with Royal Nuts products. They're not only safe for those with a peanut allergy, they're also DELICIOUS.

Royal Nuts are free from more than just peanuts...

Royal Nuts are also kosher and gluten-free. Of course, nuts are naturally gluten-free, but during processing, there's a risk for gluten contamination. Not so with Royal Nuts! They guarantee their machinery is never contaminated with gluten.

Royal Nuts are also preservative-free. This opens up a whole new world of safe nuts, seeds, and dried fruits for so many people!

Large on flavour...and size!

One of the things I love most, and that you can definitely taste in these products, is that they're oil-free, and never fried. Dry-roasting, through prolonged exposure to heated air, is a healthier way to process the nuts. It preserves the amazing flavours, scents, and satisfying crunch without adding unnecessary oils and fats. Royal Nuts' Freshness Guard packaging ensures that the daily roasted nuts are delivered to stores at peak freshness.

Now, I need to address size for a moment. I'm honestly trying to figure out how to tell you this without exposing my extreme immaturity. Size matters. And these nuts are big. Royal Nuts chooses only the largest-sized nuts from highest-grade crops year-round to ensure that you're getting only the tastiest, biggest nuts!

Perfect for the holidays and for adding to recipes

One of my favourite memories as a kid, strangely enough, is the ever-present bowl of nuts we had in our house, especially during the holiday season. Nuts and Christmas just kinda go together, don't they? My mom would put out both shelled and unshelled nuts of all kinds, and I actually have an antique nut cracker:

Of course, with Royal Nuts, the hard work's all been done for you, no nut cracking necessary, but they still bring back memories for me. The deluxe mixed nuts in the image above are amazing. They have just a touch of sea salt and are the most amazing post-workout snack I think I've ever had.

These nuts also perfect for adding to yogurt, baking or cereals, and to just carry around as a midday snack. I love the pumpkin seeds in my morning oatmeal, and I threw some dried cranberries into muffins that were absolutely divine. Imagine how delicious some pumpkin seeds would be in these Carrot Oatmeal Muffins? I'm going to try it!

Want Your Grocery Store to Stock Royal Nuts?

If you're having a hard time finding Royal Nuts where you live (here are the stores that currently carry them), and you would like your local grocer to stock them, here's what you can do. Download this form, print it out, and give it to your grocery store manager.

Have a question about Royal Nuts? Leave a comment below and I'll pass it on to them. And don't forget to keep in touch with Royal Nuts on Facebook. Tell 'em Alex sent you.