Make This Epinephrine Auto-Injector Belt for Under $4!

Great for Carrying Inhalers, Too!

by: Alex Thom
The best cheap and cheerful EpiPen or Allerject case ever!

My son started self-carrying his epinephrine auto-injector in senior kindergarten, and now that he's off to grade one, it was important for him to have a sturdy way to have his life-saving medications on him at all times. The thing is, carrying cases for kids can be so expensive! $20 or more, and then shipping on top of that, since no local stores carry them. I made him one before, but it was flimsy and cumbersome for him to use, so we've been looking for something reasonable for awhile now.

Imagine my delight when I found this running belt at my local dollar store thanks to a tip from another allergy parent! The belt was just $2.50.  

The elastic waistband fits my slim 5 year-old, but can also be adjusted to fit adults! And when opened, the pouch expands and fits my son's Allerject plus inhaler well, or one EpiPen.

The clip is sturdy, but easy to use, and the pouch fabric is very soft and water-resistant. The zipper is easy to open and close, as well.

It could easily be used as-is, but to make it a little more kid-friendly and fun, I cut up some felt I had around the house, and sewed it on to give the pouch a monster makeover.

Isn't it adorable? He absolutely loves it, and was excited to put it on for school. The decoration possibilities are endless!

I love that he'll happily wear it, and I really love that it was super inexpensive.

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