How to Survive Fall Allergy Season

5 Tips for Attacking Allergens

by: Alex Thom
fall allergy season tips

With autumn around the corner, allergy sufferers should take note and start building defenses to minimize the effects of fall allergens.

Here are some easy ways to fortify yourself against the dust, pollen, molds and spores that are heading our way:

Start Antihistamines Early
By starting your antihistamine regimen before the allergens hit, you'll build up your defenses and suffer far fewer symptoms once allergy season gets into full swing. This is particularly important for those who suffer asthma as well. My son's pediatrician instructed us to start in August, so talk to your doctor to see what they recommend for you.

Close Windows
Keeping the pollens, molds, and spores outside is key. Once the leaves start to fall, and fall rains create new mold spores, you'll want to protect your indoor air as much as possible.

Change Clothes & Keep Clean
Change into fresh clothing when you come inside after your day. Your clothes carry with them all the pollen and spores you've been exposed to during your day. Add a nighttime shower and you'll be breathing easy!

Change Filters
Change your furnace's HEPA filter before you start heating the house. If you have a HEPA vacuum, run it - often. 

Keep it Dry
Check your home for mold growth (bathrooms and damp basements are prime suspects) and check your dehumidifier. Winter air is drier, so you may not even need the dehumidifier running.

Got any tips of your own to add?

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