More EpiPens in Public Areas Means Increased Safety

Why All Public Spaces Should Stock EpiPens

by: Alex Thom
More public places are making EpiPens available in case of emergency. This is great news for those at risk of anaphylaxis!

Great news, Canadiens fans! The Montreal Bell Centre has just partnered with Pfizer Canada, Inc., distributors of EpiPens to stock emergency kits around the centre. In an awesome trend that seems to be picking up momentum, more public places are stocking the emergency epinephrine kits to help keep guests safe.

There are an estimated 1.4 million Canadians at risk of anaphylaxis and there's no way to predict how severe allergic reactions may be. In addition, allergic reactions can happen at any time, even to those with no allergic history, so having these EpiPens available is so important. 

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It's a no-brainer, really, because while most people who have known food allergies do carry epineprhine auto-injectors, sometimes they're forgotten, or sometimes allergic reactions happen out of the blue. Some of you may think it's crazy. What about the cost? Is it really safe to have them lying around? What are the chances someone would actually need one?

Well, once upon a time, we didn't have automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in public spaces, either, because come on, who has the indecency to have a heart attack in public, anyhow? Are they really safe? That's a huge cost for such a rare occurrence -- let me stop you there -- AEDs and EpiPens save lives, period. And with subsidies, they're not a burden on anyone financially, and there is exactly no risk of having them available. 

I think it would be smart for restaurants to have to stock them, too, frankly. And I love that more cities are embracing this measure of safety, like Hamilton's decision to have mall guards carry EpiPens. When severe allergic reactions can present so suddenly, and escalate within seconds, having the needed medication on hand is imperative to helping save lives.

I am 100% on board with these initiatives!