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20 Things You Need From Target Before They Leave Canada

Shop Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Maybe it didn't live up to our collective expectations, but the fresh appeal of Target is undeniable. We have nothing comparable in Canada, and now Target is leaving us after a too-short love affair. Are you going to miss Target in Canada as much as I am?

Here are twenty things you need to buy there before they leave us for good"

20. Orla Kiely everything
I mean, honestly. A mod toaster and matching makeup bag? Orla Kiely's designs are dreamy, bright, happy and original, and there's nowhere else we can buy these here!

19. Mossimo jeans
Where else can you buy on-trend, comfortable denim for such great prices? Nowhere, that's where.

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18. Affordable and gorgeous area rugs
I bought a huge area rug for my front hall for $50 on sale and it doesn't feel like sandpaper or look like it belongs in a snowbird's Florida lanai. 

17. Kids' bedroom decor
Whether it's good quality character-themed bedding, or beautiful, trendy tween-appropriate patterns, they've got it, and it's affordable. I like that I don't have to remortgage my house to afford gorgeous kids' decor (which we all know they'll outgrow by next year).

16. Towels
Huge, soft bath sheets in beautiful colours for just $14? YES, PLEASE!

15. Circo baby clothes
Circo offers SUCH great quality, style and the prices absolutely cannot be beat.

14. Home decor
Nate Berkus, Sarah Richardson, Jordan Ferney -- where else will you find gorgeous, unique products from amazing designers like these? Nowhere in Canada. Wahhhhh!

13. Beaver Canoe hoodies and sweat pants
Because nostalgia for the 80s is even sweeter at these price points.

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12. Deep pocket bed sheets
You don't have to suffer through fixing your sheets every single night, did you know that? Threshold Ultra Soft sheets at Target have the deepest pockets! And they're comfy! And affordable!

11. Character tees for kids (and adults, if you're into that kinda thing)
My daughter adores the fine collection of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic shirts she has curated from Target. That stuff isn't available anywhere else in Canada. And at $9.99-$12.99, the character shirts are an easy buy whenever there's a new character to love (I just bought two Baymax ones for my son, actually). I bought my son a Darth Vader hoodie online for $70, only to find it at my local Target for $20 a couple months later. *sad trombone*

10. The Shaun White clothing line for boys
It's a great rival to the hot stuff in more expensive stores, so scoop it up while you still can! It's not weird to shop in two sizes larger so my kids can have awesome stuff next year (and maybe the year after that), is it?

9. Party stuff
I should say, cool party stuff. Not the stuff you find at the dollar store, but legitimately trendy, patterned, and once again, affordable party decor. Pretty paper buntings, darling plates and napkins, everything you could possibly need! Sigh. Bye-bye pretty.

8. Beautiful maternity clothes
I traveled to the U.S. to buy these when I was last pregnant. Liz Lange maternity wear is absolutely lovely, inexpensive, and it won't fall apart the first time you wash it, unlike the stuff they sell at most mat stores in Canada. You can still feel fashionable, well-dressed and not break the bank while pregnant with that line. Oh, and maternity tank tops! Why are those so pricey elsewhere? Stock up at Target while you can.

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7. Threshold linens (and everything else)
I have beautiful tablecloths, like a real grown-up adult because of the Threshold line. They're heavy, made from beautiful fabric, in gorgeous prints. And for my extra-large dining room table, it cost me a whopping $16.99. COME ON! The entire Threshold line of products is gorgeous, and I'm really going to miss it.

6. Seasonal items
The very prettiest papers, wrapping, decorations and cards. Run. Stock up!

5. Picture frames
What's with frames? Why are they so damn expensive everywhere else? Target's got every size imaginable, in beautiful patterns and styles, and I can actually afford to make a gallery wall. Imagine that.

4. Converse shoes
GET THEM. Cool Chucks far cheaper than any other Canadian store. 

3. Character BandAids
They're, like, $2 cheaper per box at Target than anywhere else. So now my kids are fully stocked on Muppets, My Little Pony and Cynthia Rowley (ok, those are for me) BandAids for life.

2. Gorgeous "DIY" lamps
You can purchase lamp bases and shades separately to create your own perfect lamp. The one in my sitting room cost me less than $30 total, and I've had countless compliments on it!

1. The e.l.f. Brow Kit
Omg, ladies, this is the best $4 cosmetic spend you'll ever make. I promise. 

So, who's going to be road-tripping to Target in Buffalo with me this summer?

Image Source: Wikicommons, Target