Parents, Rejoice: A Safe Summer Camp for Allergic Kids

Summer Camp Can Be a Safe Reality

by: Alex Thom

When I was a kid, I went to camp every summer. I learned to canoe, I swam in lakes, I did crafts, sang songs, learned to cook my own food, and met friends from across the country. It was a pretty amazing experience. But for those with food allergies, simple things like spending time at summer camp is just not a reality. Until now.

How To Choose The Right Summer Camp For Your Child

This summer, allergic kids between the ages of six and 16 will finally be able to enjoy all the great adventures of summer camp without worrying about food allergies. Camp Tamarack will host the camp from July 23-30 on their 1000 acre property on a gorgeous lake in Muskoka. And the camp isn't just about exploring the outdoors because they're also known for their amazing counsellors and programs. And let me tell you - it's beyond anything I ever experienced at camp. I mean, look at this!

What kid wouldn't totally love that? It makes me more than a little emotional knowing my son can one day experience all that safely, with staff who are trained in allergy management from all sides.

The staff at Tamarack also work to impart values like respect, responsibility, and perseverance into their campers, while fostering self-esteem, confidence, and independence. I know that as a sometimes helicoptering allergy parent, those skills and traits are things I worry my son doesn't often have the freedom to form on his own. Knowing that he could go to a camp and be safe without me means the world, and we'll definitely be looking with interest at this option when he's old enough to attend.

There will be another information session regarding the camp at Kindercare Pediatrics in Toronto sometime in February, so be sure to be kept in the loop on the details of the camp by emailing [email protected].

Photos courtesy Camp Tamarack