Easy Crockpot Caramel Apples

What's better than a caramel apple? An easy-to-make caramel apple, that's what!

by: Alex Thom
These caramel apples are so easy, you'll want to make them every day!

What's better than a caramel apple? An easy-to-make caramel apple, that's what! (And what's more, it's safe for peanut- and soy-allergic kids, too.)


Approximately 100 little caramels (like these)
10 medium-sized apples
10 popsicle sticks
Candies to decorate your apples
2 tbs milk or cream
Wax paper-lined baking sheet
Crockpot (or double-boiler or microwave)

You can, of course, make real caramel instead, but I took the lazy way out here, because that's what makes this "easy," obviously.

 Melt the caramels in a crockpot on high, stirring until a smooth consistency (about ten minutes).
 Add milk (or cream) and stir to combine.

 Turn the crockpot down to “warm” to keep the caramel the right consistency, but not burn it. (You can melt them using a double-boiler, too, or in the microwave using short 30-sec bursts, stirring between each zap.)

 Push popsicle sticks into each apple at the top where the stems would have been. Insert approximately 1".

Have candies in dishes, ready to apply to the apples. The caramel sets fairly quickly, so once you’ve dipped the apple, you’ll want to immediately add the decorations.

 Dip the apples into caramel, coating evenly. You can use a spoon to drizzle the caramel over the apple, if needed.

 Decorate the apple as soon as it’s coated and lay it on a wax paper-lined baking sheet.

 Lay the sheet in your fridge to set the caramel. At room temperature, the caramel may melt slightly and slip off the apples.

Here are some my kids and I made:

They’re easiest to eat in slices (as opposed to trying to bite the apple while on the stick).

Happy Halloween!

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