Those Teal Pumpkins You See Are For Allergy Safety

Plus Lots of Cool Non-Food Halloween Options

by: Alex Thom
Find out how FARE's Teal Pumpkin Project will keep allergic kids safe this Halloween.

If you spot a teal pumpkin this Halloween season, it's not just an on-trend decor choice. FARE has introduced the Teal Pumpkin Projectan easy way to let parents of allergic kids know that you've got a safe option for them as they go trick-or-treating this year. From the FARE site:

This Halloween, FARE is encouraging food allergy families to start a new tradition: painting a pumpkin teal and placing it on your porch as a sign to other families managing food allergies that you have non-food treats available at your home. Your teal pumpkin is also a way to raise awareness in your neighbourhood about food allergies!

In our house, we've always just purchased nut-free options, but this is a great reminder that there are other allergies out there, and that some may really prefer (for many reasons, not just allergy-related) to avoid those options, too. Here are some great non-food ideas that kids love:

 mini pots of Play Doh (we find these at Costco)

 glow bracelets or sticks (dollar stores carry these)

 stickers for the little kids, temporary tattoos

 small toys, like rubber bouncy balls (I don't know how many of these my son needs, but it's always at least one more than he currently has)

 dinky cars, other small toys (my kids LOVE digging through the dentist's treasure box for teeny toys, they'd love this on Halloween)

 crayons, notepads, fun erasers

 vampire teeth (dollar store)

 The City of Ottawa sells "Trick or Swim" tickets that I think are absolutely genius!


 bookmarks (hey, you could even make some)

There are tons of really fun options out there these days that won't break the bank, and will still give kids a thrill. 

Be sure to read more about FARE's Teal Pumpkin project, and download one of their flyers or posters to let others know the meaning behind the movement. Hope it's a safe, and slightly spooky Halloween for all!

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