How Much Do You Know About Anaphylaxis?

Take This Quiz to Find Out

by: Alex Thom
Can exercise cause anaphylaxis? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about anaphylaxis.

If there's anything I know about food allergies, it's that there's always something new to learn about food allergies. Even researching and reading about them daily doesn't always mean I'm in the know. One study comes out and contradicts the last, one professional speaks out against something another has said, people have experiences that fall outside the norms . . . allergies are tricky things, and anaphylaxis is as hard to fully understand as it is scary.

Allerject™ has posted this anaphylaxis facts quiz that I encourage you to take and share with your friends, whether they deal with food allergies or not. Because the best way to help others understand what we go through is by sharing the facts with them!

Help advocate for food allergy awareness by sharing this quick quiz.

Allergy Quiz (English)
Jeu-Questionnaire Sur Les Allergies (Francais)

With the school year almost upon us, now is the best time to start the conversation with your friends, family, teachers, and school administrators to help build allergy awareness and understanding!

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