Peanut Butter & Jelly SODA?

Has Jones Soda Lost Their Minds?

by: Alex Thom
Is this peanut butter flavoured soda a threat to those with allergies?

Jones Soda has released a Peanut Butter & Jelly-flavoured drink as a limited edition, offering it in some retailers across the Toronto area (and elsewhere). Red flag alert, right? Get on sharing far and wide, right?

I know, you're totally enraged right now, aren't you? HOW COULD THEY DO THIS? How could they release a PEANUT BUTTER and jelly-flavoured soda right on time for back-to-school when we're struggling to explain why peanut butter and school can't mix? Bad company, tsk.

Here's a lesson in reading and researching things before assuming . . .

Despite the hot title that many may share without looking into the issue further, per the Jones Soda website:

"...sleep well knowing we didn't use any actual peanuts or come in contact with peanut materials."

There, feel better now? 

Before we share things far and wide, especially in the allergy community, we should do our research and know the threats. Is this a legit threat? No. Absolutely not.

It's actually pretty strange, though, that a whole whack of chemicals can come together to produce the flavours of peanut butter and jelly in a soda. Gag.

The Problem With A Hypoallergenic Peanut . . .