Vaccine For Dust Mite Allergy

Lab Tests Have Shown Success in Reducing Reactions

by: Alex Thom
Could a dust mite vaccine be on the horizon?

Sure, it's summer, and the allergens abound, not to mention the "pollen vortex" that hit us hard this past spring. But do you know that Canadians spend upwards of 90% of their time indoors? It's true. Most of us work indoors, so spend the majority of our lives cooped up inside, which means allergies to dust mites are more of a hassle than outdoor allergens for many. This is why the recent news out of the University of Iowa that there's a dust mite vaccine on the horizon gives allergy and asthma sufferers hope!

Dust mites are teeny tiny, disgusting little things that love living in carpeting, bedding, pillows, stuffed animals . . . everywhere you don't want them to be. And it isn't actually the mites that cause the allergic symptoms, but their poop. How completely grody. In any case, they cause a lot of problems for allergy sufferers and for asthmatics, in particular. Long-term exposure can actually lead to lung damage, so it's a good idea to keep them under control.

Researchers at UI have discovered a concoction that prevents the body from reacting to dust mites, using an ingredient most often used to battle cancer. To read the medical lingo about the study, here's the journal publication. Basically, the vaccine would change the way the body reacts to the allergens. I'm interested in this because both my husband and son suffer so much with dust mite allergies that a vaccine may be the key to easing their asthma symptoms.

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