CarryNine Giveaway: Win A Cool Allerject Wallet And Skins

These CarryNine wallets are the perfect size for carrying the Allerject

by: Alex Thom
Win a cool CarryNine Allerject Wallet & Skins

Anaphylactic allergy folks, I need to tell you about this really cool company called CarryNine. Owner Stephanie Oatway reached out to me to talk about her gorgeous line of Allerject/AuviQ wallets, and I have to tell you, they're really great. But before I get into why her products are so awesome, let me back up a little. Allerject (or AuviQ in the United States) is an epinephrine auto-injector, about the size of the palm of your hand. You can read about them in more detail over on the CarryNine blog, to get an understanding of the devices and see why Stephanie started designing these cases.

CarryNine wallets are the perfect size for carrying the Allerject. I love the super-soft leather, and rugged stitching. They're cool-looking, fashionable and absolutely not bulky. They have space inside for cards and bills, and make carrying the auto-injector really easy. And you know what? They're imagined, designed, and made in Canada, how awesome is that?

The Allerject fits neatly and easily into the right-hand side slot, and is easily accessible. 

A major concern for doctors who manage patients with life-threatening allergies is that far too many people forget or simply choose not to carry their auto-injectors at all times. That's scary stuff. These wallets make it a no-brainer to pop the Allerject into a pocket — it isn't a secondary item to remember, it's one with the wallet.

If the wallet wasn't cool enough for ya, CarryNine also carries fun skins for both EpiPen and Allerject. The slick designs are a great way to personalize your autoinjector. The skins are thin, vinyl decals, are easy to apply, and leave no sticky residue behind if you want to remove them. Love love love these!

And now for the fun part. I've got one (1) Allerject/AuviQ Case Wallet (as pictured, retail value $75) AND two (2) sets of Allerject/AuviQ skins (one of the "Meow" design, and one NYC" design, retail value $15 each) for one lucky winner. That's a prize worth more than $100!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling us who would use the prize if you are the winner.

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