Potential New Treatment For Asthma Sufferers

Canadian Scientists Successfully Improve Symptoms of Allergic Asthma

by: Alex Thom

Great news, asthma sufferers! A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine has demonstrated great success in the treatment of mild allergic asthma symptoms. Researchers discovered that blocking a specific protein relieved inflammation in the lungs, reducing the need for inhalers. Can I get a "WOOHOO"?

This season has been particularly rough on allergy sufferers, with some even calling it a, "pollen vortex" (groan). For those with asthma, allergies make those symptoms even worse, and many have to rely heavily on inhalers and over-the-counter meds. This study has the potential to change day-to-day life for mild asthma sufferers, and could even lead to treatments for more severe asthmatic patients. BIG NEWS! Yay, Canadian researchers!

Dr. Paul O'Byrne, a co-author of the paper, spoke to CTVNews and said, "What our study showed for the first time is that if you give an antibody that blocks the action of this particular protein, TSLP, you can very effectively block the airway’s responses to the inhaled allergens." Even better, the patients showed improvement even before inhalation of allergens, meaning great things for everyday mild asthma symptoms. A broader study is in their plans—can't wait to hear the results!

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