25 Great Gluten-Free Resources

Wheat? We don't eat no stinkin' wheat!

by: Alex Thom
gluten-free resources

My family doesn't have to follow a gluten-free diet, but I know plenty who do, and I know that finding reliable resources for recipes, products, and information isn't always something they've got time to do. So I asked around for everyone's fave celiac and gluten-free online resources and am happy to provide you with this round-up. And if you've got some to add, please let me know!

Adventures of a Gluten Free Kid
Being gluten-free, from a kid's perspective!

Being Gluten Free
Rossana's blog is such a fab resource for gluten-free product reviews, information about being gluten-free, and more. A must-read site for sure.

Book of Yum
Gluten-free vegetarian recipes that are delicious and kid-friendly? YES! Awesome. They haven't updated in a while, but the site still stands as a great resource.

Celiac Chicks
An ever-growing resource of links to restaurants and bakeries and recipes that cater to the gluten-free folks around the world. So helpful! 

Celiac Family
This blog is a truly awesome resource from a mom whose family follows a gluten-free lifestyle. It's jam-packed with fantastic recipes and resources.

Cook It Allergy Free
Kim's husband and son both have celiac, so she made it her mission to learn all about it, and share her knowledge with the world. There's even an app for that!

Could It Be Celiac
Kathleen writes this great blog about life with a celiac child. She shares helpful recipes, tips, and more. 

Elana's Pantry
With two books about gluten-free baking under her belt, Elana's a go-to source for great gluten-free recipes.

gfree mom
My fave part of this blog is the Easy Kids' Lunchboxes section.

Ginger Lemon Girl
Carrie is the force behind all those amazing Everything Gluten-Free cookbooks!

Gluten-Free Easily
Anything with "easily" in its name is a good thing, right? The recipes here look fantastic.

Gluten-Free Girl
Shauna's blog is such a wealth of information, full of helpful answers, recipes, and more.

Gluten-Free Goddess
Karina posts gorgeous photos along with her wonderful recipes. She's even categorized her recipes by seasons. How totally cool is that? I love that her site is so much more than baked goods.

Gluten Free for Good
Recipes, giveaways and more. 

Gluten Free Goodness
Fab resource full of recipes that are gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and egg-free!

Gluten Free Mommy
Check out the incredible list of recipes! Yum!

Gluten Free on a Shoestring
If you've ever had to buy a loaf of gluten-free bread, then the title of this blog already has you hooked. Eating gluten-free is so expensive! Nicole helps you make healthy, gluten-free meals for your family that are affordable and delicious.

Goodie Goodie Gluten-Free
Julie's creative recipes will make you realize that eating gluten-free doesn't have to be restrictive!

I'm a Celiac
Pam has celiac disease, and writes a blog to share information and great recipes with others who are gluten-free.

La Tartine Gourmand
Take one look at these photos and tell me you don't want to make every recipe there. WOW.

No Gluten, No Problem
You know what I love most about this site? Their balanced and sensible approach to the gluten-free lifestyle. I like that they point out that wheat's not the devil and not to blame for every health problem ever. 

This is just a wonderful blog in general, but Lisa also shares great gluten-free recipes!

Simply Sugar and Gluten Free
This blog aims to share the best recipes that cut out the refined sugars and gluten from your diet.

The Celiac Scene
This site guides you to celiac-endorsed restaurants across Canada and celiac-friendly fast food chains across North America. Handy!

The Whole Gang
Over 500 easy gluten-free recipes in one spot? Hooray!

Wondering if going gluten-free will help you? See what Dr. Kim Foster has to say about it.

Ready to get gluten-free baking? Check out our amazing gluten-free board on Pinterest, and then try Gwen's awesome vegan, gluten-free shortbread or one of these delish recipes!