Can Science Find A Fix For The Increase In Food Allergies?

The Allergy Fix Documentary Seeks Answers

by: Alex Thom

When we were kids, who knew what an EpiPen was? Severe allergies seem so commonplace now, that it feels like not a classroom is free of an EpiPen or two. While we struggle to protect our kids and ourselves from exposure to our allergens, scientists are trying to figure out what is happening to our immune systems, how to stop the progress of these allergies, and how to stop them from happening at all. 

Why do farm kids have far fewer allergies than city kids? Is our world too clean? Scientists are trying to get to the bottom of these questions. With all the new studies happening on desensitizing peanut allergies, I'm very hopeful that working solutions are on the horizon. A new documentary called The Allergy Fix will take a look at the latest research being done.

For now, while we do still have to be careful with what we feed our kids, how about some Allergy-friendly Valentine's Treats