Desensitizing Peanut Allergies

Another New Study Offers Hope

by: Alex Thom
the end of peanut allergies?

Last month, there was news of a study that demonstrated a marked decrease in peanut allergies in children who underwent a gradual desensitization process. What huge news! This week, British researchers say they've successfully decreased reactions in their study of 90 children who suffer from peanut allergies. 

After six months of gradually giving the children increased amounts of the peanut protein, they were able to tolerate exposure to the equivalent of about five peanutsthis is incredibly reassuring news, because, as parents, we worry constantly about slight accidental exposure. If a child can tolerate this much, accidental ingestion in small amounts wouldn't strike so much fear into our hearts. From not being able to tolerate even a lick of a peanut to being able to ingest five nuts? This is monumental for us!

There's more great news from Dr. Susan Waserman of McMaster University in her ongoing clinical trial, wherein she's also having great success in desensitizing patients. 

This is such amazing news for peanut allergy sufferers, and I can only hope that it leads to similar solutions for those with other life-threatening allergies. 

Can I get a WOOHOO?