How I Became An Allergy Expert

All Thanks to My Son, who the nurses dubbed THe Baby With the face

by: Alex Thom

Hi, I’m Alexandria, but you can call me Alex. Some of you may know me as @Clippo, or maybe you’ve read my non-blog over at I Don’t Blog. Or maybe you don’t me at all, so that’s why I’m telling you a little bit about myself and why I’m so excited to be writing this allergy blog at YMC.

I have two kids: Story and Mason. Story will soon turn seven years old, which is totally mind-blowing since I’m sure she was just born. Mason turns four in December and will be going to JK this fall, so my heart will certainly fall out and crumble into lonely pieces come September. I’ve been a work- and stay-at-home mom ever since my daughter was born, and I’m not entirely sure what I will fill my hours with when they’re both in school full time.

I like writing (run-on sentences in particular), drinking coffee, taking long road trips, and I really love helping other parents navigate the tricky waters of allergy management.

My son was born with severe eczema; it was so bad, in fact, that the nurses remarked they’d never seen anything so awful, and kindly referred to him as, “The Baby with The Face.” (As opposed to one without? I’m not sure.) In any case, his skin issues led us into a labyrinth of questions. Does he have allergies? What are the allergies? How do we find out? How do we manage them?

I’m looking forward to sharing our experiences with you, and if you’re a parent just starting this journey, I’m happy to give you this spoiler: It’s gonna be ok.