The Perfect Recipe to Cure Your Toddler's Holiday Sleep Hangover

A Little "Hair if the Dog," Toddler Sleep Style

The Perfect Recipe to Cure Your Toddler's Holiday Sleep Hangover

Toddlers Not Sleeping

You may be ready to get back to routine once the holidays are over but it doesn't seem like your toddler has got the message. Santa has come and gone, the festivities are behind you and suddenly you are left with an overtired, half-pint scrooge.


With a build up of an  schedule, missed naps, and too late bedtimes the last gift your toddler received this Christmas was a sleep debt and it wasn't wrapped nicely in a bow. It's time to dust off my no fail three ingredients to cure the Holiday Hangover that can help your entire family sleep better.


A Cup of Naps

Between travelling and family time, naps may have fallen by the wayside. It’s time to bring them back! Whether your toddler is still having two naps a day or one, if we treat naps as options your toddler will treat them as such. It’s time to get back to your usual nap routine and schedule. If your child is giving you a hard time use some of my “Tricks of the Sleep Trade" like toddler alarm clocks, quiet time activities, and a calming naptime routine that can all help your little one get back on track with their naps.

A Dash of Bedtime Routine

With rushed naps and late bedtimes, your usual calming naptime and bedtime routine has probably disappeared. Having that downtime before lights out is important to gradually bring down his stimulation. Quality one-on-one time can also help with the everyday temperament of your little one. Sometimes the acting out we see throughout the day is because they are trying to get our attention so a bedtime routine is the perfect opportunity to give them that attention they need and want.

1-2 Pinches of Early Bedtimes

Without even realizing it bedtime may have slowly inched later and later throughout the Holidays. Bringing it back to its usual time, and perhaps slightly earlier for awhile, is probably one of the most important ingredients to cure their holiday sleep hangover. It also helps balance everything out while naps are being reintroduced. Remember the better rested your child is going down to sleep the easier he will fall asleep and better he will sleep throughout the night.

So there you have it!  Shaken or stirred these three dreamy ingredients will result in peaceful sleeping nights for you and your family once again. 


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