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Blissdom Helped Turn My Business Into a Corporation

A Must-Attend for Business Owners

Blissdom is good for business

When I first attended Blissdom, I was not a blogger. I was a small business owner and my specialty was sleep. I had a blog that I managed from time to time, and I knew the importance of providing my readers and clients with sleep information - but I wasn’t a writer - I was a sleep educator and my blog was definitely lacking in some blogging love. I wrestled with the idea of going to Blissdom wondering if it would really be worthwhile for me?

I knew I needed to get more blog focused with my company and I knew it was an area that I was neglecting in my business that could increase my potential traffic and income. After some gentle nudging from some friends – (shout out to Andrea Nair and Kelly Flannigan Bos!) – I started to do my Blissdom research and saw that the presentations and microsessions being offered could definitely add value to my blog and overall business model.

There were also many people attending that I had developed a business and social relationship with but had only ever ‘spoken’ to them through email or social media. I wanted to meet them face-to-face and make that in-person connection. In the end, I made the leap and it was definitely worthwhile for me to attend, and I looked at it as a great investment for Good Night Sleep Site. I bought my ticket and there it was. I was going to Blissdom!

The conference was amazing. The people I met and the information that I took away from it was incredible. This conference isn’t just for bloggers. It’s also for business owners like myself who could learn a thing or two more about blogging and social media. I also can’t stress how important it is as a business owner to make those networking and in-person connections. They are better than any ad you could run or PR you could distribute. People I met helped me recreate my small sleep consulting practice into a national corporation with a team of sleep consultants now working with me.

Blissdom was the first time I met so many YMC gals. It was my first time meeting Erica in person (I was so nervous!) but she instantly put me at ease. Blissdom was the bridge that helped me join the YMC team, which has put me in front of some major doors that have benefited my business, not to mention has made me become a better writer. I’m always honoured to be a part of this awesome team. Jennifer Powell the Principal of Blissdom Canada has turned into a friend and has helped me so much with her amazing advice. A recent reference from her allowed me to finalize a huge partnership between Good Night Sleep Site and a major corporation to begin creating corporate sleep wellness lunch and learn programs for their clients. The connections and more importantly friendships I've made through Blissdom Canada has benefited my business model, social presence, and lead opportunities for the past 2 years. Attending each year as a business owner is a no-brainer for me.

My first year going in 2013 I bought my Blissdom ticket 2 weeks before the conference. I was so nervous! Last year at Blissdom I was honoured to serve on a wellness panel and speak about my true passion - sleep. This year I’m counting down the days to not only catch up with friends and colleagues, but to be educated and inspired as Blissdom always does for me. Every year I walk away ready to take on the sleep world, and I always have Blissdom to thank for that.

Whether you blog or not, if you are a small business owner Blissdom will be one of your best investments you make this year. I hope to see you there!


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