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How to Keep Your Child's Sleep Routine During Easter

Avoiding Long Weekend Sleep Catastrophes

Easter weekend can be busy with family gatherings, Easter dinners, and egg hunts. Your child’s sleep needs can get lost in the shuffle, and so I'm offering my list quick tips for making sure your little one’s sleep routine doesn’t disappear as fast as those chocolate bunnies do.

DO Bring Their Room On The Go

Naps and bedtime may be at Grandma’s house, or at a hotel. It’s always a good idea to pack some familiar items to help make that unfamiliar environment a little more secure and safe. Pack their favourite lovey, book, or white noise machine. Take along their crib sheet right off the bed and their unwashed sleep sack for that familiar smell of home. And here’s what you don’t have to make room for to pack: the consistent bedtime routine that you always practice with your little one. It takes up zero luggage space, and you can take those known bedtime cues with you wherever you go.


DON’T Break All The Rules

Naps are going to be missed or had on the go, and bedtimes are going to be pushed later a few nights. It’s going to happen, and that’s okay. Your best bet is to try and stick to your little ones routine as best you can. When you can fit in a proper restorative nap, do so; if you can get your little one down earlier than usual, try to. Remember, an overtired baby gets over-stimulated very easily, so keep things simple. Protect naps and bedtimes as best you can so your little one AND mom and dad can better enjoy the fun.


DO Pencil In Some Quiet Time

Even if your child is at an age where they don’t take naps anymore, you should still make sure you offer them some quiet time throughout the day. Pack up a fun “quiet time” box full of calming activities, and encourage them to sneak away to a quiet corner and play. It’s a great time for both you and your child to recharge.


DON’T Go Overboard on the Chocolate

Too many chocolate eggs and bunnies right before bed is not a good idea. Naptime and bedtime can be difficult with a tummy full of sugar. Set a limit on Easter treats throughout the day for your little one.


DO Start off Right

Having a well-rested child going into any busy holiday can mean changes in their normal routine won’t affect them as much as it would for a child with an already-existing sleep-debt. A few weeks before the holidays, make your child’s sleep a priority.


DON’T Start Sleep Training

I always recommend clients hold off on any sleep training if they are about to go through a major transition like a move or a busy holiday. Consistency is so important, and it's required to be successful with your plan; any time you can't be consistent wouldn’t be a good time to start. Once things have settled, you can get started on the road to becoming a healthy and well-rested family!

Have a happy Easter, everyone, and remember: no matter how much you stray from your child’s routine, the important thing is to get right back on track once the holidays are over. That's the way back to smooth sailing and sleep-filled nights.

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